Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jayson's Monster Birthday Roundup

After all my hard work, Jayson's party almost didn't happen. I had all the decorations up, and I was bringing in the cupcakes, when I accidentally locked myself out of the party room with the keys inside. We had the party in the community room of our condo complex, which apparently has a self-locking door. As soon as the door shut behind me, I know I was in trouble. While I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, hubby called around to various management and HOA people who might have an extra key. It was Sunday, so of course, no one picked up the phone.

I sent out the message that the party was canceled. I went down to the community room at party time to catch any people who hadn't got the message. A few people showed up. One of them was not ready to give up on our party. People call him Big Jim, because he's, umm...big. After a quick inspection, he just decided to rip open the locked, steel door with his bare hands. I absolutely could not believe he did that! With help from the other moms, we managed to get the rest of the party stuff ready and contact the other guests. The parents in our playgroup are so awesome!

Jayson's party ended up being super fun. I am so glad (and relieved) that he had an awesome birthday.

The birthday boy.

Monster puppets.

Closeup of monster puppet craft.

Monster cupcakes that turn your mouth blue.


Josie said...

How fun!! Looks like you all had a blast!