Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Cutest Christmas Craft I Didn't Even Attempt

Wasn't it Halloween like last week?! What happened to all this time I thought I had before Christmas? The time for Christmas crafting has pretty much come and gone, and I missed out on making so many awesome holiday craft projects. This is one of those projects. I really wish I'd had time to make these ADORABLE felt trees from Thompson Family Life.

Next year...next year...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tutu Cute

I LOVE girly stuff! I love pink. I love sparkly. Ruffly. Ribbons. Bows. Poufy, froufy and fluffy too. I love it all.

I've really been wanting to make a tutu lately. But who would be my pink tulle covered victim? I get spit-up on too often to wear one around the house myself. Both of my kids are of the male variety. So I had to move on to my extended family in my search for a lucky tutu recipient. I decided that my cousins three-year-old, Emma NEEEEDS a tutu.

The tutu making process was rather painless.

Step one: Find a toddler you have laying around the house. Use this small person to figure out the waist and length measurements of a similarly sized toddler.

Step two: Make a band of elastic according to your measurements.

Step three: Go nuts slicing 6 yards of tulle into incredibly uneven and misshapen strips.

Step four: Tie tulle strips to the elastic band. Hope that no one notices that the tulle looks like it was cut with a chainsaw.

Step five: Add bows and admire your handiwork.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Solution To All My Problems!

Since we moved to Dublin, back in April; I have had no designated craft area. This is NOT working! I am not a "casual" crafter, I am a hardcore, nearly every single day crafter. The dining table is not an acceptable area for this kind of crafting. I wanted to create a "craft nook" in our bedroom. But, my hubby had a long list of objections. He suggested I get a craft armoire. Huh? Why does he know about craft armoires when I have never heard of one? Anyways, I did a little research, and now I totally want one! The one by Sauder is perfect. It even goes with my other bedroom furniture. So it's all good, right? Negatory. The one I want is about $400. That's $400 more than I currently have in my craft armoire fund.

So, um..yeah...Donations can be sent to...

I need to do some serious Craigslist/Ebay fund raising. Anybody want to give me large amounts of cash for my old junk?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Monster Time!

Ok, so I'm way into monsters right now. This means I went nuts making monster themed toys for Christmas! (Jayson will also be having a monster 3rd birthday party in February. But that's another post...)
I made Kyle (6 months old)a monster play quilt, complete with rattle-y and crinkly goodness. This was my first quilting project. I still haven't decided if I love or hate quilting. On one hand, I love the result and the creative freedom; on the other hand, it's booooring! I don't think I'll ever do a huge quilt, but I think there are some quilted pillow covers and maybe some place mats in my future.
For Jayson (almost 3) I made a monster bowling set out of felt. It's pretty flippin' awesome. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it before I wrapped it! So, it will have to get it's own post after Christmas.
I have become the Crazy Felt Lady lately, as I also made felt food, a felt crayon roll and felt book. My house currently looks like it was hit by a felt hurricane. Maybe I should be cleaning instead of writing this...nah...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Drooling Over the Cutest Fabric Ever...

This is Starling in pink, by Alexander Henry. Is it not the coolest fabric EVER?! It is totally my inspiration for my bedroom makeover. Every room in my house will be birdi-fied before I'm finished with this place. I just LOOOOVE all the gorgeous bird fabric, art, plates, etc. That's out right now. That's kinda weird too, since I don't even like real birds that much, except chickens. Chickens are awesome...