Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Monster Time!

Ok, so I'm way into monsters right now. This means I went nuts making monster themed toys for Christmas! (Jayson will also be having a monster 3rd birthday party in February. But that's another post...)
I made Kyle (6 months old)a monster play quilt, complete with rattle-y and crinkly goodness. This was my first quilting project. I still haven't decided if I love or hate quilting. On one hand, I love the result and the creative freedom; on the other hand, it's booooring! I don't think I'll ever do a huge quilt, but I think there are some quilted pillow covers and maybe some place mats in my future.
For Jayson (almost 3) I made a monster bowling set out of felt. It's pretty flippin' awesome. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of it before I wrapped it! So, it will have to get it's own post after Christmas.
I have become the Crazy Felt Lady lately, as I also made felt food, a felt crayon roll and felt book. My house currently looks like it was hit by a felt hurricane. Maybe I should be cleaning instead of writing this...nah...