Monday, December 15, 2008

Tutu Cute

I LOVE girly stuff! I love pink. I love sparkly. Ruffly. Ribbons. Bows. Poufy, froufy and fluffy too. I love it all.

I've really been wanting to make a tutu lately. But who would be my pink tulle covered victim? I get spit-up on too often to wear one around the house myself. Both of my kids are of the male variety. So I had to move on to my extended family in my search for a lucky tutu recipient. I decided that my cousins three-year-old, Emma NEEEEDS a tutu.

The tutu making process was rather painless.

Step one: Find a toddler you have laying around the house. Use this small person to figure out the waist and length measurements of a similarly sized toddler.

Step two: Make a band of elastic according to your measurements.

Step three: Go nuts slicing 6 yards of tulle into incredibly uneven and misshapen strips.

Step four: Tie tulle strips to the elastic band. Hope that no one notices that the tulle looks like it was cut with a chainsaw.

Step five: Add bows and admire your handiwork.