Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Solution To All My Problems!

Since we moved to Dublin, back in April; I have had no designated craft area. This is NOT working! I am not a "casual" crafter, I am a hardcore, nearly every single day crafter. The dining table is not an acceptable area for this kind of crafting. I wanted to create a "craft nook" in our bedroom. But, my hubby had a long list of objections. He suggested I get a craft armoire. Huh? Why does he know about craft armoires when I have never heard of one? Anyways, I did a little research, and now I totally want one! The one by Sauder is perfect. It even goes with my other bedroom furniture. So it's all good, right? Negatory. The one I want is about $400. That's $400 more than I currently have in my craft armoire fund.

So, um..yeah...Donations can be sent to...

I need to do some serious Craigslist/Ebay fund raising. Anybody want to give me large amounts of cash for my old junk?