Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fond of Fennel

Once again I am lauding an obscure vegetable. You've all heard me rave about kale, now it's time to talk about fennel. It's slightly sweet with a mild licorice flavor, and the longer you cook it, the more mellow, and sweeter it gets. I like to slice it thinly and saute the heck out of it. it's also really good roasted. You can even eat it raw for a crunchy veggie that beats the heck out of celery. (raw celery is one of my most hated foods, so I'm always looking for alternatives.) And, how cute are those feathery little fennel tops? They make a perfect garnish.

Here, I have sauteed fennel served alongside a tilapia filet, both garnished with some of the fennel top.


skinner studio said...

oh, yum - I had forgotten about fennel! It does add extra pizzaz to an otherwise ho-hum dish. One of my fav recipes is Carmelized Fennel and Pancetta salad....ooh, I'm getting hungry!

Thanks for the post!

Nyki said...

Pancetta is sooo good!

Charity said...

I am going to grow you some fennel in my garden, I bought some seeds today!

Nyki said...

I thought you hated fennel...are you going to give it all to me?