Friday, May 22, 2009

R.I.P. Scrappy

Scrappy was a good computer...for a machine that was rescued from a dumpster. So he wasn't as fast or reliable or "fully functioning" as other computers, at least he tried. I could tell he was trying because his little fan sounded like a jet engine taking off. After 3 magical years, Scrappy has left us gone back to that big dumpster in the sky (ok, more like environmentally friendly E-waste recycling facility in the sky.)

Anyways, hubby built me a sweet new rig. So, I'm happy. I can totally open more than one picture in Photoshop now. We had to drive all over heck (ok, Hell, as in Silicon Valley. San Jose, how I loathe you.) Fry's was having a super good sale on the parts we needed. We made a "quick trip" down to Fremont to pick everything up. Of course they didn't have everything we needed there. We had to go to the San Jose Fry's, then the Sunnyvale Fry's...Finally we had all the parts we needed.

By this time I was hungry and grumpy. Only Sushi O Sushi can cure such a condition. The sushi was super good. Unfortunately, Jayson was a total nighmare! He is not coming to sushi again until he is old enough to properly eat with chopsticks. I've never hired a babysitter before, but I am STRONGLY considering it!


Sweet Bird said...

That's quite the slick new setup! I'm actually awaiting a technological upgrade myself and I can't wait.

The internal battery on my laptop is toast, so each time the power cord slips out (which is quite often) I lose everything I've been working on. I can't wait to get a new laptop.

I hope you enjoy your new computer as much as I will mine!