Friday, November 13, 2009

The Little Table in the Corner.

So, here is my little table at the TVAM Holiday Event. Somehow, my table ended up wedged back in a corner; nearly hidden from view. But that's OK. This was my first time selling at an event. I usually just hide out on the internet. So, I learned a lot from this experience:

  • If people keep asking you the same question, over and over again, make a sign that answers that question.
  • Get some packaging for your stuff, so you don't look like a no0b.
  • You will look and feel dumb when your table is the only one without a tablecloth.
  • If you bring four tutus, bring four hangers, not two.
  • Plan your displays beforehand. Don't rely on your years of retail sales experience to get you by.
  • Don't eat 3/4 of a Chipotle Burrito bowl intermediately prior to the event; making you feel too fat to wear the outfit you had planned on.
  • If your are a blogger, don't forget your camera, or else you will end up with crappy phone camera pictures.

These things are easily remedied. My big challenge right now is to create a more cohesive look and better define my niche. My craft ADD is really showing.

Ending on a good note: my banner totally kicks ass.