Monday, April 12, 2010

Living Room Update.

It's still looking pretty bare, but I've added a few things...
What's new: 
  • AMAZING sheepskin rug!!!
  • Embroidery hoop wall swatches over the dining table
  • Table runner  
  • Fabric panel over TV stand glass (Yay! No more ugly DVDs!)
  • Bookcase for kids' books and puzzles

What's Next:
  • A big plant to go between the TV and table
  • POUFS!
  • A stack of vintage suitcases as an end table
  • Some big, fluffy fabric pom poms to hang in the corner near the bookcase
  • The "Mum" throw pillow, since you know, I really need more pillows on my couch.
  • A couple of bright Moroccan lanterns for the top of the bookcase. I may convert them to actual lamps, depending on how motivated I get.
  • I need to put something on that wall by the door, I just don't know what yet.
  • I may put a few more hoops on the wall.