Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sneeky Peeky

Here's a little preview of the new diaper pattern I am working on. This is a fitted diaper. for all of you non-cloth diapering types out there, that means it is just the soft, squishy, absorbent part. It would need a separate waterproof cover.

The pattern is not just for fitted diapers. It will include options for covers, all-in-ones, and pockets (ok, we will call it a "stuffable" diaper for the sake of not getting sued by the pocket diaper people). It will also include fun finishes like fold over elastic and ruffly leg openings.

I am still making a few little tweaks to it, but it's pretty much done.


Kylie's Mom said...

You're so talented! I super-stink at making patterns. I can't even trace something I already have and make it come out right.

Nyki said...

Well, I went to school for interior design and architecture, so I had to take all these drafting classes. But, instead of blueprints, now I draft diaper

Kylie's Mom said...

LOL! I took drafting, too...well, mechanical engineering technology but it was just a fancy 2 year long CAD class.

So does it irritate you when someone calls a 'blueline' drawing a 'blueprint' because it drives me nuts. I don't know why lol.