Friday, August 7, 2009

Vintagey Deliciousness

I made these "vintage-esque" tea towels for my sisters birthday. Now that she has them, I can write about them without spoiling the surprise! The embroidery pattern is vintage. The red ric-rac is also vintage, out of my great-grandma's stash!

As I started to stitch, I realized, " can see the back." Yep, nowhere to hide mistakes on a towel. I was worried that it was going to look really bad, and everyone would point at the back of my embroidery and laugh, hurling insults ad rotten fruit. Somehow, I managed to get over my ugly-embroidery-back anxiety, and kept working.

I worked the outline of the fruits in chain stitch, the stems in stem stitch (duh.),the green loopies in cable stitch, and the writing in split stitch.

I have to say they turned out really cute and no one has thrown a single piece of rotten fruit at me.