Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Da' (Gingerbread) House

Here is our little gingerbread house! I've got icing in my hair, and my kitchen looks like a hurricane just blasted through Candy Land, but it's done! I don't really bake, but Jayson has been begging to make a gingerbread house since Halloween. So, I really had no choice. I used this recipe for the dough, but designed my own template. The dough came together really well and I didn't even burn it. It's a Christmas miracle!

I was disappointed with one thing though: Safeway had no old school, cheap candy! No peppermints, no gumdrops...WTF Safeway?!

Mama's little helper, except for the 350 times he bumped my elbow while I was piping on the icing.

Melted Jolly Rancher window!

Creepy Gingerbread Man.

Our Frosted Mini Wheats roof and coconut snow.