Friday, January 1, 2010

How to Make a One-Size-Fits-All AIO Diaper!



This super cool soaker design grows with the diaper, that grows with your baby!

First things first: What is an AIO? AIO stands for "All in One" Diaper. These diapers combine absorbent materials with a waterproof outer cover for ultimate cloth diapering convenience. This tutorial will show you how to adapt your NykiBaby One Size Diaper pattern to make an AIO. You can also use these instructions to make fitted diapers with sewn in soakers.


NykiBaby One Size Diaper pattern.

Diaper Body
1- cut of PUL, plus more to reinforce snaps
1- cut of your inner fabric (you can use a "stay-dry" fabric like microfleece or suede cloth, or a natural fabric like bamboo or cotton. I have used cotton velour with no wicking, but natural fabrics are more likely to wick.)
Snaps and elastic as called for in the pattern.

10 1/2" x 4 1/2" pieces of your absorbent fabric. The number of layers needed will depend  on the absorbency of your fabric. You will be making two soakers, so consider their combined thickness when choosing the number of layers to use.
You can top your soakers with the same fabric as the diaper inner.
2- 2" x 6" scraps of fabric to reinforce the areas where the soakers are sewn.


Make the soakers. Stack up each set of soaker fabrics in the correct order. Pin. Serge around, rounding the corners.

*Use your pattern to mark the two, top, center snap placements and the center of the pocket opening. These will help guide you in placing the soakers.

Attach the soakers to the inner fabric piece.  Line the top edge of the front soaker up with the dots marked on the front of the diaper in the previous step. Pin. Place your reinforcement fabric on the opposite side of the fabric. Stitch across, one inch from the top of the soaker. Pivot and stitch close to the edge around the top of the soaker.

Repeat for the back soaker on the opposite end of the diaper.

Place the outer layer snaps as usual.

Stitch the inner and outer together, right sides together. Leave a 3" opening in the center front for turning.

Apply elastic as usual.

Turn and Topstich. Closing up the front opening.

Apply wing snaps.


*For pictures of the outside of this diaper, check out the previous post.


Anonymous said...

This looks great! I'm wondering if you could use these soakers separately, for an AI2 design? Has anyone tried that?

Anonymous said...

What's a PUL? I want to make these for an upcoming grand baby. Don't know all the acronyms. Thanks!

Brittany said...

PUL is waterproof fabric

Anonymous said...

PUL is polyurethane laminate fabric and is used as a waterproof layer in mcns. It is flexible, breathable and an ideal choice for inside nappies.