Friday, January 1, 2010

Make Your Diapers Even Cuter!

Here's an easy way to add cute prints to your diapers without causing wicking or spending $13+ a yard for print PUL. The best part is you can use ANY fabric! Cotton, poly, woven, knit, minky.... Since the fabric doesn't touch the inside of the diaper, even absorbant fabrics like cotton wont cause wicking. Also, since this technique uses a small amount of fabric, cut in a simple rectangle, you won't waste any of your expensive, cute fabrics.


Your trusty NykiBaby One Size Diaper Pattern
1- cut of PUL from said pattern
1- cut of inner fabric from said pattern (suedecloth, microfleece, whatever floats your boat.) + your pocket facing
1- 5 3/4" by 19 1/2" piece of decorative outer fabric. This will be the strip down the middle of the diaper.
Snaps and Elastic as called for in the pattern.


You will apply your decorative strip BEFORE marking the snap placements for your diaper.

Turn all 4 edges of your decorative fabric under by 1/4" and press if the fabric allows.

*If you are using a fabric that cant be pressed or wont stay turned under, you can use a washable glue stick to stick those stubborn edges in place. Don't worry, the glue will wash out and no one will know your secret.

Center your decorative fabric on your PUL diaper cut, 1/2" from the front and back of the diaper. You don't want your decorative fabric to get caught in the seam allowances. This could cause wicking. You can use pins at the front and back ends, to keep the fabric in place, but not through the middle. You don't want to poke too many holes in your PUL. Your best bet is to use your handy-dandy washable glue stick to stick the fabric in place.

Now that your fabric is in place, stitch it down close to the edge, using a medium-long straight stitch.

Proceed with your diaper as usual.

There have been a few reports of leaking along the seam where the decorative fabric is attached. To prevent leaks, make sure you use 100% poly thread, and the finest needle that will work for the fabric. Setting your stitch to a longer length may help as well. If you still have leaks, try using a little seam sealer (like for tents) on the inside, along the seams.


Mom-Mom Pope said...

What a great idea! This is just perfect for those cute cotton fabric quarters I've been wanting to use. Thank you!

Clair said...

This works for us! I do use some seam sealer just to make sure. We love it! Thanks!