Friday, January 30, 2009

Balls of Fury

This is post #1 for Jayson's super awesome ultimate monster party! I made these sweet paper balls to hang up. I used this pattern as a starting point. I decided to use staples instead of glue, allowing the tabs to open up. I just thought it looked cooler. And of couse I made them WAY bigger. The big one is about 16" across.

I'll be keeping a running tab of my expenses. I am interested in seeing just how much this thing costs me. We are expecting about 50 guests, including kids and parents.

2/3 of a pack of scrapbooking paper

Total cost $4


brogansmomma/pleutim said...

I love these. Quite a few years ago I used old Christmas cards and made tree ornaments using (I think)1-inch or 1.5" circles. So cute!