Thursday, January 22, 2009

Un(fortune)ate Cookies

We got Chinese take-out tonight, and somehow, someone ate all the fortune cookies before hubby got one. So, I had a sad hubby and toddler begging for "mo' tookies." There was only one thing I could do: Make mo' tookies. Not my most brilliant idea.

The tutorial I used was great. The source of my problems was my own warped (as in no longer flat) Air Bake cookie sheet. Super thin batter + wonky cookie sheet = one giant cookie. Yep, that's right, all the cookies ran together to create one giant mega-cookie. Well, Jayson and Hubby were happy take mega-cookie off my hands. It was crispy and especially delicious due to my use of banana extract in place of the almond extract.

I still really wanted some pretty cookies that I could actually fold up with a fortune. I attempted to make some more cookies, pancake style. That resulted in much more attractive cookies. They look good, but somewhat resemble week-old pancakes in texture. As an added bonus, they are massive and weigh about 4 pounds each.

Well, I'll give myself an "A" for effort, and Jayson will take care of the remaining cookies. And, maybe the bakeware fairy will come and bring me a new cookie sheet.