Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I bought hubby a Turbo Broiler for his birthday. He has said, "we need a turbo broiler" over nine thousand times in the past six years. His lifelong dream has now come true. He is now the proud owner of the most majestic of all the counter top appliances. Time to broil some pork fat.

We made Lechon Kawali. It was...scrumtrelescent...Crispy, crunchy and dripping with porky goodness..and grease. Delicious in the way only cubes of broiled pork skin and fat can be.

I pressure cooked the pork belly in chicken stock for 15 minutes. I then allowed it to drain in the fridge while I took the kids to play at "Super Frank's Fun Adventure."

When we got home, I sliced the pork into strips to maximize it's crispy deliciousness. I threw it in the turbo broiler and set it to 350 for 45 minutes. It's pretty awesome how you can watch food cook in there, and take it out at the exact second it has reached golden brown perfection.

We chopped up our slab o' pig and dipped it in Mang Tomas Sauce and spiced vinegar with soy sauce. Lechon Kawali should of course be served with a side of steaming hot rice....and a bottle of Lipitor.